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As Physical Therapists and Assistants we realize that a person’s weight can affect their overall well being.

All too often in this field we see how it affects one’s physical abilities and often causing pain and slowing the recovery period for an injury or surgery.


At RBPT we are committed to Making Obesity Virtually Extinct.


We begin with a comprehensive evaluation with a Physical Therapist. During this evaluation it is determined if the client is able to partake in the MOVE program or if the ailments first require Physical Therapy Intervention.

Some of these aliments can be directly related to such diagnosis as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and decreased balance due to neuropathy/Diabetes. Joint Pain such as the knees, hips, back, etc. may also need to be addressed.

With insurance guidelines the client should be obese (when considering BMI, over 30 is obese).

We anticipate that the client will have 3 visits for evaluation, goal making /plan of action, program design, and familiarizing the client with equipment. During the initial visits client will be signing an individualized agreement to partake in program thus committing to yourself that you will make this change.

Proper diet is the key to weight loss; it gives you the best results. While we direct you towards nutritional information and appropriate professionals to assist you in this area our expertise is training you in exercising for weight loss and strengthening. Strength training helps tone and build muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass aides in weight loss, improves bones health and tones your body. The added benefit of working with a Physical Therapist/Assistant is how we mold each program to your physical strengths and weaknesses.


Some of our staff have experienced being obese or overweight and its causes with joint pain, etc. The daily struggle to stay on track is a familiar one we all can relate to. It is our plan to help you stay focused on positive changes we see. These changes are more than your physical appearance; they can include mood changes, increased energy, decreasing stress, as well as blood pressure and resting heart rates decreasing.




PT/PTA sessions will be billed to your insurance or private pay as appropriate.

Step-up costs are $30* a month (client will be seeing PT at 4 week intervals at PT discretion)

*This includes use of the gym as well as sessions with a Personal Trainer 1 x month. This ensures the client’s success with personalized attention every 2 weeks (either a trainer @ 2 wks or PT @4 wks)

Group sessions allow 3 people to work with a personal trainer during off peak hours for $25 an hour (to be divided amongst the group participants).

Extra sessions with a trainer are $25 an hour

Classes can be coordinated with 5 interested parties @ $50 for 10 classes* (2 x wk/5 wks)

*With smaller classes price will adjust accordingly

If Physical Therapy Intervention is not required you may join our gym at our regular cost of $35 a month**

You may also seek out Personal Training sessions at an additional cost of $25 an hour

Fitness Classes are held up stairs in the GYM on Tuesdays & Thursdays please see the office staff for more information

**speak with our office staff regarding off peak hours price reductions


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